Realtime Data feed for Amibroker-Metastock-Metatrader4 Mt4.


Metastock Realtime Data Feed Pricing Plan & features

Metastock Realtime data feed feed is Available for Rs 500/- Monthly Support Laptop Desktop For NSE Cash Future. Also Mcx Ncdex & Currency Data For Metastock is available for Rs 500/- Monthly With 180 Days Backfill. Support Metatsock in Both Offline And Online Mode With Flickering.


Metastock Realtime Data Feed Pricing Plan & features

Metastock RT Data For Nse Cash & Future Rs 500/- Monthly & Mcx, Ncdex & Sx For Rs 500/- Monthly.

180 Days Backfill in 5 Minute format Data Suuport Both Offline & Online mode in Metastock.

Updates All Symbols at a time In Both offline & online Mode at same time (Saved Locally).

Support Live Exploration & Scanning As data is stored in Machine.Also Perform in Aft Market Study.

We Do Provide Login id & password to Each User For Both Equity & commdity Can be use both at a Time.

Support Multiple Time Frame & Multiple Charts For Nse Future & Cash| Mcx, Ncdex | Currency.

Free Technical Support via Team Viewer & Ammyy Admin.

Low latency realtime data with ultrafast delivery & True tick-by-tick data update as LTP.

All Available Analytical Tools Default Indicators & Templates Can be use for Back Test.

Metastock personalised User Training available on Telephonic & Remotely for Rs 1000/- Per Hours.


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Metastock RT Realtime Data Feed Price Plan

One Month Plan
  • NSE CASH FUTURE Rs 500/-
  • MCX-NCDEX-CUR Rs 500/-
  • COMBINE BOTH Rs 1000/-
  • Three Month Plan
    • NSE CASH FUTURE Rs 1500/-
    • MCX-NCDEX-CUR Rs 1500/-
  • COMBINE BOTH Rs 3000/-
  • Six Month Plan
    • NSE CASH FUTURE Rs 2500/-
    • MCX-NCDEX-CUR Rs 2500/-
  • COMBINE BOTH Rs 5000/-
  • One Yearly Plan
    • NSE CASH FUTURE Rs 5000/-
    • MCX-NCDEX-CUR Rs 5000/-
  • COMBINE BOTH Rs 10000/-
  • For Subscribtion or Payment Bank Details Pls Contact us On Live Chat Also Fill Payment Submission Form On Payment Page.